Q. How do I enter the competition?

A. Go to the top of our website and click the Login or Enter Now button, this will take you to the join page.

Q. Can I really load up my supermarket trolley with as much shopping as I can?

A. Yes you can, you choose the supermarket of your choice. You meet our SuperMarketDash representative outside of the supermarket, present some ID so we know it’s you and then you can enter the supermarket and load your supermarket trolley with as much as you can, up to the value of £600 (see Competition Rules)

Q. Is there a time limit to load the supermarket trolley?

A. No take as long as you like, you do not need to run round loading, take as long as you like to load those special delights…have fun.

Q. Can I bring a family member or friend with me?

A. Yes, bring as many people as you like.

Q. How do you use my data?

A. We only use your data to take payment AND to notify you when you are a winner. We will use it to keep in touch with you so you can enjoy the competition.

Q. Do you share or sell my data?

A. Never, this is only used internally within SuperMarketDash Ltd

Q. What happens when I win a 1st prize or 2nd prize?

A. If you win the 1st prize we will be in touch with you via the details you supplied within 24hrs (ideally via a mobile number) to let you know you are a 1st prize winner. We will then make arrangements to meet you outside of the supermarket of your choice where the competition is being held.

If you are a 2nd prize winner, we will be in touch with to let you know you are a winner and confirm your address to send you the 2nd prize (£10 gift voucher) from the supermarket of your choice providing they offer gift vouchers.

Q. Is there limit the trolley spend?

A. Yes, £600.

Q. Is there anything I cannot load into my trolley?

A. Yes, we need to keep the spirit of shopping in line with the way you would normally shop, therefore we have limited certain items, please (see Competition Rules) at the top of our website.

Q. Can anyone enter the competition?

A. The competition is open to residents of Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland only who are 18 years or older.

We do not except entries from anyone outside of these areas as the laws for running competitions vary. This competition has been organised to comply with the laws of England, Wales and Scotland.

Q. How is the winner decided?

A. The 1st of each month we will carry out the draw using a “Google random number generator” which is a third party website. The numbers are drawn randomly and then crossed reference with our database on those that have entered the competition.

We will record the draw and place the video of the draw on our website.

Q. Why do we not accept hand delivered entries?

A. We do not accept any hand delivered entries other than what is delivered from a Royal Mail Representative because this would give an unfair geographic advantage to some over others who do not live within the same radius of our premise. This is the safest and fairest way to manage the entries.

Q. I see there is a way to get free entries into the competition with your affiliate programme, is it completely free?

A. Yes, for those that want to obtain a free entry as many times as they like we offer an excellent affiliate programme, all you need to do it recommend the SuperMarketDash to family and friends. (See our Affiliate Programme at the bottom of our website or click here)