Affiliate Programme

We Offer Free Entries for every 4 paid entries via your personalised SuperMarketDash link.

Want to have a FREE entry into SuperMarketDash with the chance to load a shopping trolley with £600 of FREE shopping from your favourite supermarket?

Well now you can….with 11 Winning Chances...


How many people do YOU know that buys shopping Every Month? ALL of them, EVERYONE you know purchases shopping on a monthly basis and this is why our FREE affiliate programme is so popular….28 Million households in the UK shop monthly.

So how many people can YOU reach out too? The more you share your SuperMarketDash link, the more chances you will have to win.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up and create a FREE affiliate membership.
  2. This will then create a PERSONAL code called your “Personal Affiliate Link” it is like a personal code
  3. Every time someone joins SuperMarketDash via YOUR affiliate link it’s called an affiliate credit. They MUST be a confirmed paid entry into the competition.
  4. Once you have built up 4 paid entry affiliate credits, e.g 4 paid sign ups (UK) only you will have a Free Entry for the next draw date, giving your 11 Winning chances.
  5. All YOU need to do is to share your personal affiliate link with family, friends, in fact with ANYONE you know.
  6. Share your personal affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, chat rooms, shopping groups, YouTube, there are 1000,s of ways to share your personal affiliate link.

In fact we have gone one step further. You will have access to an in-depth private affiliate member’s area, where you will find Email copies that you can email to people, SMS messages, Ad banners, Videos a whole host of FREE tools to help you promote YOUR personal affiliate link.

We offer a 30 day cookie policy, which means that if an family member or friend visits the  SuperMarketDash website via YOUR affiliate link, and does not sign up for the competition there and then, but comes back a day or a week later, and signs up and purchases a ticket, this will be credited to you due to our 30 day cookie policy, so you will NEVER miss out.


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