Competition Rules for Prize winners

Competition Rules for a 1st Prize winner

  • SuperMarketDash Supermarket Dash is an Independent competition company and is in no way connected or affiliated to any UK supermarket.  
  • SuperMarketDash As a 1st prize winner you will be required to meet the Supermarket Dash representative outside of your chosen supermarket
  • SuperMarketDash No one under the age of 18 can enter the Supermarket Dash competition
  • SuperMarketDash  There is no time limit, you can take as long as you like filling your supermarket trolley
  • SuperMarketDash As a 1st prize winner you can load your shopping trolley up to £600 worth of shopping. You are expected to enter into the spirit of the competition of filling your supermarket trolley with food, drink, and produce.

Certain rules will apply to 1st prize winners: Your single trolley is limited to load a maximum of “certain” items.

No more than 2 Bottles of spirit
No more than 4 Bottles of wine
No more than 20 bottles or cans of beer, cider, lager, or Alcopops
No more than 1 Bottle of champagne
No more than £100 worth of Meats or Poultry
No more than £50 worth of frozen or fresh fish
No electrical item purchases
No more than £75 worth of clothes purchases
No gift vouchers can be purchased
No lottery tickets can be purchased
No telephone top up cards
No more than £50 worth of cosmetics or skin care items
No kitchenware
No stationary


  • SuperMarketDash 1st prize winners will agree to have their photos taken with their full shopping trolley and will be used in any promotional material that Supermarket Dash might undertake.
  • SuperMarketDash 1st prize winners can nominate a person over 18 to fill their trolley.
  • All winners must supply Supermarket Dash with proof of ID prior to carrying out their Supermarket Dash at their chosen supermarket
  • SuperMarketDash The Supermarket Dash representative will pay the full till receipt on checkout
  • SuperMarketDash Supermarket Dash’s decision at the checkout will be final.


Competition Rules for a 2nd Prize winner

  • SuperMarketDash As a 2nd Prize winner we will send you a £10 gift voucher from your chosen supermarket.
  • SuperMarketDash This will be sent to you, using the Royal Mail recorded delivery service no later than 10 days after the draw date.


By entering the SuperMarketDash competition you except and agree to the competition rules.